Community Bible Church of Northern Westchester


Each church has its unique flavor. Below are some of the values that shape ours.

CBC values:

  • Prioritizing God’s wordWe value Christ-centered Bible teaching that has depth and substance, while being clear, interesting, and relevant. (That’s why Bible is in our name; we are not affiliated with the Bible Church movement.)
  • Everyone involvedWe encourage everyone (not just our leaders) to discover the gifts and purpose God has given them and to find their place in serving God.
  • Welcoming and caringWe seek to care for one another relationally and practically and to extend that warmth and generosity to others.
  • Unity on the essentials We come from diverse spiritual backgrounds and political perspectives, so we keep our focus on what unities us–knowing and following Jesus Christ as the Bible presents him. CBCers come from all over Northern Westchester and Putnam counties and represent a variety of ethnicities, ages, vocations, and income levels.
  • Spirit-directedWe are learning to be led by God’s Spirit as we grow spiritually and reach out to others.